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When we (Geert en Iris Franken) in the nineties a few times visited the Algarve ànd when we had our honeymoon in Portugal, we thought: Nice for the future!

But then we noticed that 'the future' took a long time, the idea of renting out holiday homes was forming more and more. But what, when and where, we had no idea.

Toen het idee om iets bestaands te gaan verbouwen was afgeschoten, hebben we besloten om zelf iets te gaan laten bouwen. En dat is Casas Fruta geworden waar we in 2009 onze eerste gasten ontvingen. In 2010 zijn we zelf naar Portugal verhuisd. Omdat bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan, zijn we in 2017 begonnen met Silver Coast Glamping.

We are completely ready to welcome our guests!

It was another busy week at Silver Coast Glamping!
The cover over the terrace at the pool area is coming along nicely, even the barbecue is already there.
The gardeners have finished now: all the gravel is where is should be, many plants were planted, and they've sown the lawn.
And if that is not enough, the cleaning ladies spent a whole morning thoroughly cleaning the lodges.
So again we can tick a few boxes on our to-do list!

Creating the garden!
It's definitely easier (and quicker) said than done, creating a garden on a 1800m2 piece of land. This week loads of gravel and stones were processed, but it was by far not enough. Next week more!
A few hundred plants are already impatiently waiting for their new home, but they will have to wait a bit longer.

20170417 160911The last few days lots of soil was moved! Quite a big pile of soil came from the hole for the pool, but also around the pool some digging and levelling had to be done. It's hard to imagine but soon here will be a nice sun terrace.
Luckily the pool is very well covered, because we don't want muddy water!

zwembadAlmost though. Today the fundations are made where the pool will be placed on tomorrow that will be connected the day after. After that: please jump in!

DSCN4369b2 days ago the construction of the log cabin started. We need this building for a.o. storage and for the washing machine. And it goes very well! Yesterday the roof was installed before the end of the afternoon. Today the shingles will go on, and after that the cabin is ready for the next step: tile the floor, install walls, connect water and electricity. Still enough to do for us!

20170306We now have 3 real lodges on the land!

All furniture is assembled, and inside the lodges lots of electricitycable en waterpipes are installed. The kitchen units and bathroom equipment will be installed in the next few days. We also started with the garden and swimmingpool. It's looking better and better every day!

Bouw tentlodgesMede door het goede weer zijn er flinke vorderingen gemaakt. De afgelopen dagen zijn de palen geslagen en is de vloer en de afvoer gemonteerd. Ook zijn de houten frames geplaatst. Je krijgt nu echt een idee hoe ze gaan worden!

Vandaag is verder het grondwerk verricht voor de blokhut met overdekt terras. Als het meezit arriveert die volgende week en -eveneens als het meezit- wordt volgende week de vloer gestort.

Maar natuurlijk eerst: Carnaval!


More or less in time, today the construction of the lodges has started.

The huge stock of wood is is energetic eliminated. First the supporting structure and the floors. On that the lodge construction and the tent it self. Thereafter inner walls, the kitchen and bathroom will be placed. After that the electricity and water and 'just a bit' of decoration..

vrachtwagenWe will import our lodges from The Netherlands. It's there where they make the best and most durable lodges. This tuesday the chock-full loaded- truck is leaving. With a few days travelling, we can somewhere at the end of next week start off-loading the materials.

As you can see we can roll up our sleeves!

funderingThe  'foundations' of our new accommodations are now finished.

It involved a huge digger, lots of plastic, and a big pile of gravel. And lots of hard work!

With a little luck (and if Murphy will cooperate for a change) our 3 luxury lodges will be standing here in about 4 weeks.

2wijnOne of the reasons we decided to expand our 'holiday empire' (hum), is because it's great fun to do. It's fun and exciting to develop something new and to see it will be success.

A bit less fun is not knowing for sure you are making the right choices. And the number of choices is quite high atthe moment. What should be the size of the tents? For 4, 5 or 6 people? And what size main building do we need? And the swimmingpool? And the garden...

No worries: step by step, and with a glass of tinto to calm the stress every now and then, we will get there!

parkingIn a few months our guests can park their cars here. Until then it's a nice working place and storage area for the construction of the tents, the main building and the swimmingpool.

terreinThe sloping terrain where we will be placing our luxury lodges, is now 'populated' with a lot of canas. In English we would call it canes. The Portuguese version is however very, very tough and difficult to to get rid off.

Our planned approach is to cut it, let it grow, spray it, cut it again and spray it again. thoroughly it is. If it will work? We have good faith in it!

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